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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A Farewell to Blogging

Hello, lovely book people. It has been a wonderful five years. I have loved sharing my thoughts on my favorite books with you and spreading the word about awesome things. But over the past few years I've been updating less and less, and while I have been feeling more and more guilty about that, I have finally come to a conclusion. The reason I've been unable to update is because I've been living my dream of actually getting to work with young adult books. I've had some amazing internships over these last two years. And I've spent four glorious years at a wonderful college that has taught me so much about publishing, and where I want to be when graduate on May 12th and take that next step. I can't feel guilty for that, especially since this blog began as something to spread my love of good books. Now I can do that on a much grander scale and I am so excited, blog world. I might continue to post here in the future, if I read something particularly good, or find out about something exciting. But I will no longer feel like this is unfinished business. I hope to see many of you out in the physical world where book lovers converge to fangirl (or fanboy) over the best of kid lit. Until then, happy reading.

This over-the-top goodbye letter has been brought to you by:
The Book Girl Reviews/Recommends
(Because not even a change in name and a new year's resolution can bring me to update...)


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