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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A love letter to Eleanor and Park

This isn't a review. I think all of the professional reviewers who are giving this book stars have pretty much covered all that is needed to say. But I want to acknowledge my love for this book.

It's beautiful. It's sad, and funny, and sweet, and true, and wholly relatable. You will see yourself in these characters, or someone you know. You may have experienced or witnessed similar situations. You may just really enjoy holding someone's hand.

The cover is even perfect. The stark simplicity captures this book better than any photograph could. And I love that Rainbow Rowell's other novels are now designed to match. She has an adult novel out called Attachments (which I need to invest in IMMEDIATELY) and a second YA book coming out in September, I believe. Find them on Goodreads. You won't regret it.

And go buy Eleanor and Park. Read it. Love it. Finish, flip it over, and start again. It's one of those books. And it is without a doubt one of my new favorites.

I love you and your writing, Rainbow Rowell. And I will undoubtedly be fan-girling at the Books of Wonder signing in NYC on the 24th. You might want to bring security.

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